Chlorinated polyethylene


СРЕchlorinated polyethylene (powder of white colour) used as modifier for rigid PVC in production of windows profiles, panels. Main advantages achieved by using CPE in windows profiles: good toughness at lower temperatures, smooth glossy surface, excellent weld fillet weld strength, compatibility with other modifiers. Substitution of 50% acrylic modifier to CPE does not require changes in formulation or process parameters, reduces the cost of formulation at constant or improved quality.

Description of СРЕ Chlorination of HDPE

The essence of the process - the replacement of hydrogen atoms by chlorine atoms. And hydrogen atom is chosen randomly. Thus, in the structure of the CPE there is no regularity. This increases thermal resistance of СРЕ in comparison with PVC, where in the separation of atom of Cl appear possibility of chain reaction of depolymerization, i.e. destruction of polymer.
In addition, appending of Cl atom reduces crystallinity of polymer i.e. material becomes more flexible, elastic.
Appending of polar atom of Cl leads to an improvement in distributed environment in polar PVC.
СРЕ is impact modifier for PVC profiles, , considerably increases impact resistance at low temperature. Substitution of 50% acrylic modifier to СРЕ leads to lower cost of formulation at constant or improved quality. No need for changes in formulation or process parameters. Approximately 2 fold increased weld strength.

Description of product

Chlorinated polyethylene with chlorine content 35% and very low crystallinity.

Its main field of application is to obtain sustainable weatherproof compact impulse modifier for PVC (uPVC). 

Product provides following benefits:

• improving of processing,

best properties of powder flowability,

• improved cost due to possibility of reducing of total amount of modifier used in formulation, while manufacture of mixtures.

Typical characteristics of the product:

- A free-flowing white powder.


CPE is produced by chlorinating a powder of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) in an aqueous solution. Due to the content of chlorine, product has sufficient compatibility with PVC and can be handled without the risk of explosion.




Technical specifications CPE 135 A